Happy new year!Category: General   Jan 5th 2016  09:16AM   0

I hope your celebrations have been as much fun as mine have been.

For many people, the start of the year is a time of reflection, and of making resolutions for the coming 12 months. But often, those resolutions drain all the fun out of life! People plan to have less alcohol, spend less frivolously, eat less, spend less time watching Netflix, and more things like that. That can't be a healthy way to start a year in which you're hoping for a year filled with happiness, don't you think?

So I've decided that in 2016 my life will be filled with more. More travel, more exciting liaisons, learning more new things, and more adventures. I have already found a teacher to help me learn music, and I'm in the middle of planning a trip (the destination? Soon to be revealed...). 

I'm filled with enthusiasm for the new year, and I hope that I can bring some of that to you when we meet for a shared adventure!

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