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Although it's not dark so early anymore, London has suddenly gotten quite a bit colder! As much as I love this city, that's my cue to head off and find a somewhere warmer. So I will be off to warmer places (and a beach) soon.

Usually I love getting to know a new city, a new culture, or having all the adventures a country can offer. But this holiday is going to be different - it will all be about relaxing, slowing down, and luxuriating in the sun. My main activity will be reading, with the odd interruption for a swim. After all, books are culture as well, and every person can do with a bit more vitamin D. I can't wait!

I mostly can't wait to dive into the big pile of books I have packed in my suitcase already. There are short stories, English literature classics, fantasy, sci-fi, and a whole bunch of other genres in there. I hope to read at least one book per day, if only to make a dent in my ever-expanding to-read list. Being transported to a different world, while lying in the sun? That's the perfect day for me.

Some gentlemen have been kind enough to send me books they think I will enjoy (one even sent me a signed print of the newest book in a series that I absolutely love), which is just the sweetest thing! Books are such a thoughtful gift, and tell you just as much about the giver as they teach you about yourself and the world when you read them. I love going to bookshops to buy gifts for people, and they are always a gift from the heart. And receiving a copy of a person's favourite book feels so intimate to me.

If you would like to see me, please send me an email and be patient with the fact that on my well-deserved holiday I might take a while getting back to you. Seeing me after my holiday has one big bonus though: only you get to find out where my tan lines are...

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