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For the first time ever, I have a Summer Special planned! 

My dear friend Faye Winters is leaving London to go to university, and I simply can't let her go without introducing her to some of my favourite gentlemen. She is a close friend and one of the most beautiful girls in London, and you won't want to miss this chance to meet her. It is our last Summer we get to spend together before she leaves for university, and we really want to make the most of it..

The beautiful Faye combines a sparkling personality with an incredibly curvaceous body (and the best bum you have ever seen - next to mine of course!) and she is a delight to spend time with. I could tell you endlessly about her stunning green eyes and fantastic curves, but really you should see her for yourself! The gallery on her website is more than enticing:

Faye and I love making eachother writhe just as much as we love lavishing you in twice as much attention. If you're really lucky we might even tell you the (very sexy) story of how we met... We offer a special date with the two of us together (I know, it sounds like a dream) for only £350 per hour. If you would like to see us both, don't hesitate to get in touch! Both gentlemen I have met before and new suitors can come meet us - so would you like to create some special summer memories together?


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