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It is no secret that I adore summer. My pale skin and complete lack of tan even after a week on a beach might not show it, but there is nothing I love more than spending a week on a beach with the sounds of the waves and a high pile of books (and the occasional cocktail). Usually I dread the upcoming dark winter months, but this year I somehow feel great about it. So, to share the happiness, here is my top 10 (in no particular order) of favourite things about winter:

  1. Fairy lights - I just love the soft light of them, and how they make anything pretty! My favourite are trees wrapped in fairy lights in the middle of the night, they look like beautiful winding dark fairy tale structures.
  2. Clothes - I'm a big fan of scarves, and of classic winter coats. It's great to have an excuse to wear long, warm and cuddly clothing, and to give a slow reveal of what is underneath...
  3. Sharing a bed - this is what winter is made for. The main downside of summer is that it can be too hot for pressing up against someone, but that is never a problem in winter. Hold me close please.
  4. Mulled wine - or really, anything mulled. Mulling is great, and those spices warm the soul as well as the body. A friend of mine recently introduced me to mulled port, and it is quite an experience!
  5. While we're on the topic of hot drinks: Tea! It's just so cosy to hold a warm mug, and there are so many flavours. Although I love white and green teas, but there's nothing like Earl Grey in the morning. 
  6. Warming my hands (or anything else) on another person. I promise I won't do it without warning, but I love putting my hands under a coat or shirt to warm myself, perhaps having a little grope while I'm there...
  7. The calm - everything slows down a little in winter, and it is a great time to read, reflect on the year, and reconnect to the things that are most important to you. It's a great time for good conversations and deep thoughts.
  8. Hot showers - there is nothing like the joy of a steaming hot shower, and staying in there until you are warm to the bone. That feeling of being warm enough to just not want to put your clothes back on is great, and it's very tempting to give in to that feeling!
  9. Gift buying - I adore getting my loved ones gifts, and I will take any excuse to do so! The holidays are a perfect reason to show someone you care. I think I prefer giving gifts over receiving them, although I of course would not complain about the latter either.
  10. Treat yourself - getting loved ones gifts is a good reminder that you yourself deserve some love and attention as well. Whether it is taking a few days of, getting yourself something you've always dreamed of, or spending time with someone you like, treating yourself is part of this season as well!

I hope you will enjoy winter as much as I do, and it would be great to see you and share some of my festive joy with you!

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