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Every companion has a different opinion about reviews - those descriptions of dates often found in some of the more explicit corners of the internet. I know ladies who dislike reviews, because they can be crass or sometimes even rude. Other companions love them, because they help people find the right girl for their needs. And others again see their use, but feel that often the writes of them could be a little more friendly in their assessment of the lady in question.

I see merit in all of those points, but mainly I feel that reviews only tell you one part of the story. It is easy to speak about how someone looks or the things you have done together, but it is nearly impossible to find words to describe the connection you had or how someone made you feel. That unique quality is hard to communicate in a review, which means they often seem a little two-dimensional.

However, I have decided to add a reviews page to my website. I love open and clear communication, and part of that is giving people the chance to know what to expect. I hope you will enjoy them and that they make you even more enthusiastic about meeting me as you already were! Have a read of them here on my Reviews page.

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