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Generally, the words 'hotel room' and 'atmosphere' seem as incongruous as 'united airlines' and 'relaxing flight'. Many people who tend to travel for business and spend a lot of time in different hotel rooms, feel that after a while they all start to blur into each other. And even for those of us who only occasionally spend time in hotels, it can be quite a challenge to make a hotel room into a personable oasis of relaxation, rather than just a somewhat bland place to rest your head. 

So how do you go about turning your hotel room into a boudoir space perfect for an exciting encounter? I have plenty of tips for you: 

Lighting: This is by far the most important part of creating a lovely atmosphere. First off, close the curtains. Then, try to find out the perfect balance between 'depressingly bright office lighting' and 'tripping over the bed because it's so dark' - your perfect middle ground is probably somewhere around 'flattering dimmed evening relaxation'. In practice, this means a few smaller lights (like the ones near the bed or on tables) rather than the large main lights. If lights can be dimmed, that is perfect and will set exactly the right sensual atmosphere. If the lights can't be dimmed, or if the smaller lights are not bright enough, it sometimes helps to add the indirect light from a bathroom door half open.

The bed: If you spend the evening with me, this is where we will spend most of our time - I love lounging on a bed in variable stages of undress... To be honest, there is no big trick to making your hotel bed more aesthetically pleasing. As long as the bed is made and clear, it will look very inviting. One thing to keep in mind though: all those extra pillows hotels give you? They will be in the way. In fact, I once nearly fell off a bed because there were so many pillows there was hardly room for two people! So go ahead and take all but two pillows off the bed. Ok, you're allowed one extra decorative pillow, but any more and we won't be able to use the bed as intended!

Music: Now the lighting is perfect and the bed looks inviting, let's discuss our other senses. Firstly, the difference between an awkward silence and a romantic moment is... music. So close the windows to block out the city noises, and see if the hotel room has a media or music service. Often, hotels offer these via complicated tv systems, so I recommend not trying to figure this out last minute! A CD or channel of a specific artist is better than a radio station - there are few things as unsexy as jingles and advertisements. If you want to really set the mood, a playlist of your choosing or even your own making can be perfect. If the hotel does not offer a music service, playing music on your phone will still create a lovely atmosphere for a date.

Use all your senses: There is a reason sensual and senses have the same linguistic root - engaging all the senses creates a fully sensual experience. So think about other ways you can engage touch, smell, and taste. Can you order something delicious from room service (something bubbly and fresh fruit is a classic for a reason), or have a bottle ready when your companion enters? Can you use some cologne, or spray a little in the room to give it your signature scent? Can you wear something made with a nice fabric, that is soft to the touch? Or be freshly showered and shaven? I will put the same effort into our date, so together we can create a truely sensual experience.

As you can see, a hotel room doesn't need to be the most executive suite to be atmospheric and a great place for a sensual date - a little bit of effort can create a space you will be able to relax and luxuriate in. Whether you are spending time in a hotel for business, for a holiday, or purely for an intimate adventure with me, together we will make it into an experience you won't forget!




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