Frequently Asked

I'm a bit shy about calling you, can I send you an email first?

Of course you can, I love receiving a thoughtful and friendly message! (Bonus points for excellent grammar and spelling.) Once we have exchanged a couple of emails I will ask you to give me a call, but by that point you will hopefully feel a lot more comfortable about our phone chat.

When are you able to see me?

I am very busy with my PhD research at the moment, so I can only plan dates on Saturdays and Sundays (and weekdays in Summer). I only plan one date per week, so the earlier you contact me, the more likely I can keep time free in my schedule for you.

Can I bring you a gift?

You are so sweet to ask! There is no expectation that you bring me a gift at all, but if you would like to gallantly bring me a token of your appreciation, I have some things that will delight me in my Gifts section. I would also be incredibly thankful for a donation to SWOU or the ECP in my name, both incredibly important organisation who support the rights of ladies such as myself.

Will you come see me in my hotel?

I would love to come visit you in one of the central London hotels! I do not tend to travel further afield without a deposit. In order to come visit you, I will need your room number, full name, and room reservation number. I might call your hotel room landline before I leave to see you.

Do you have any reviews?

I don't encourage reviews because they are sometimes a bit crass, but you find the few that are out there on my Reviews page (plus a few lovely and funny things people have said to me in person).

Do you see female clients?

Yes, I love seeing women. Whether you often spend intimate time with women or whether you would like to experiment for the first time, I would really like to hear from you!

Will you be able to see me last minute?

I have a very busy social life, so I can't usually see someone on the same day. However, you are more than welcome to ask, and if I don't have time we can plan to see each other on a different day. Calling me in the evening to ask if I can see you that same evening will never be possible though, so make sure to plan ahead.

You are very curvaceous, is that all natural?

Most definitely, and you are more than welcome to spend time with me and find that out for yourself! I am a great fan of natural beauty, so there are no enhancements to my body and I will only be wearing the smallest bit of make-up when we meet.

Will you come visit me in my home/any other location?

For my own safety and for the comfort of both of us, I only meet people in central London hotels.

I am nervous, is that a problem?

Not at all, I completely understand your nerves. After a little time with me I am sure they will disappear though, and we will share a lovely time together.