There is no expectation that you bring me anything at all, but there is a reason you clicked on the 'Gifts' link, isn't there? It's probably because you are so thoughful and sweet, and just the kind of person who loves making an appreciative young woman feel special!

Well, aren't you lucky. There is nothing that delights me like a thoughtful surprise that shows you have been looking forward to our date and are excited to see me. I know that sometimes it can be difficult to know what to get for a new acquaintance, so here are some ideas: 

Scented candles: My favourites are by Bryedo Parfums (how could I not love them, they have one that smells like books!), but anything that makes a room smell seductive will make me happy. I love lavender, eucalyptus and vanilla notes. 

Perfume: I wear the fragrance Lalibela by Memo, a perfume that makes you think of sweetness, summer, femininity, and romantic adventures. Though it's hard to find in most shops it is the most lovely perfume I've ever come across. No gift will delight me as much as this will!

Boudoir accessories: Now this will be fun.. Surprise me with something we can enjoy together. I love new toys that can make our time together even more special.

Flowers: I love colourful flowers, mixed colours, and anything that will cheer up a room.

A bottle of your choice: I trust you to bring me your favourite bottle and I love exploring new flavours, but I have a weak spot for full-bodied red wines and surprisingly peaty whisky.