Welcome to my website. I’m Anna, and I’m pleased to make your acquaintance. 

If you’re in search of intimate adventures and unforgettable experiences with a beautiful, sensual young woman, you’re in the right place.

I have a very feminine and all-natural hourglass figure (the kind you see in movies from the old days!) and I certainly know what to do with it. If you’re curious about how I look, take a stroll over to my gallery page. Go on, I’ll wait.

Was that fun? I thought it would be. Now you know what I look like, you should know that I’m not just a pretty face and a delectable physique: I’m a lover of people and sensual pleasures, a fan of open and easy communication, and a playful, sometimes even a little bit silly, companion. 

I'm a PhD student in my mid-20's, giving me enough life experience to be a great conversationalist yet also able to seduce you with my irresistible youthful femininity. In my free time I adore dancing (especially Argentine Tango), travelling, and visiting restaurants and theatres. I believe people are most beautiful when they are themselves (that is why my curves are completely natural and I don't wear much make-up), and I think nothing is more sexy than intelligence and a genuine connection. 

My favourite type of gentleman is the sort that knows how to treat a girl like a lady and enjoy life’s pleasures along the way: I crave great conversation, creature comforts, and genuine sensual intimacy. Would you like to share those with me? I'm happy to answer your questions.

While I’m demure enough to take to dinner, I’m also very open-minded and adventurous. I love visiting a cocktail bar or joining you on a business trip, but at the same time there is nothing that gets me excited as much as having one of my friends join us for a special adventure. I get a real thrill out of making someone else’s greatest fantasy come to life, so if you have a naughty fantasy you’ve always wanted to try, we can talk about how to make it a reality!  


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