Sometimes it is nice to know what to expect from a date. Reading this website is of course the best way to learn more about me, but occasionally the words of another person can be especially enlightening. I don't encourage reviews because they are often a little crass, but it is possible to find the occasional review about me on the internet. Like these:

Something special, something out of the ordinary (...) My time with Anna was great. She is well travelled, and a good conversationalist. She makes a great companion and the après experience was very loving." Review 1


Anna is really scintillating company - very bright, funny, well read and able to converse on anything that cropped up (...) Anna is very kind, very polite, caring and considerate and most definitely a lady out of the bedroom but I can confirm a wild and decadent fantasy in it." Review 2


However, I believe the most telling and honest reviews are the things people say to me in person:

I knew you were curvy, but.. wow..."

Thanks so much for making it such a special evening.  It was everything I had hoped for and more."

It's a shame you can't show your face in pictures, you're so beautiful"
I'm amazed you remember me after so long, and what I like! You must have a great memory, or be a witch"
I can't believe you're not wearing make-up"

And my favourite cheeky compliment:

I could just start a religion for your breasts"

If you would like to know more, you will just have to find out in person.. You can plan a date with me via email or phone.